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By Jason Solotaroff
Good people lose their jobs all the time. It can be anything from a restructuring, a layoff, a personality conflict with the boss or, unfortunately sometimes, unlawful discrimination. How do you make sure you protect your rights and exit with the best financial package? As an experienced New York employment attorney, this is the advice I give to our clients…and to my friends and family members.

Five Rules To Follow When Your Employment is Terminated

1. Remain Calm.

Not only is this good for your self-respect, it will help set the strong and confident tone that you’ll need later if there is a negotiation.

2. Ask Questions.

I’ve written a separate blog post here on the seven questions you should ask when you are laid off. The key here is to learn the reasons for your termination. The company’s answers could help you later if you decide to negotiate your severance or file a claim against the company. Calmly write down the answers and don’t make any arguments or offers. This is an information collection moment. Anything you say here might be used against you. If you are directly asked a question, say that you need to think about it.

3. Don’t advocate for yourself right away.

Even seasoned professionals who are excellent negotiators can get emotional when they first find out about their terminations. Better to reflect first and calmly assemble your thoughts and arguments.
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