GSA Files Against JUUL and PAX

Today, GSA filed a Complaint against JUUL Labs and PAX Labs regarding the negligent sale and marketing of the JUUL e-cigarette on behalf of D.P. and his mother, L.P.. D.P. is a high school freshman who is skilled at carpentry, a talented jazz musician, and an active member of his school’s track team. When D.P. entered his specialized high school, he was introduced to JUULing, the use of JUUL e-cigarettes, by his peers. Within a few weeks, D.P. became addicted to nicotine and JUULing. Through their youth-geared marketing tactics and growing popularity, JUUL has caught the attention of students throughout the country without adequately detailing the dangers of the device and the fact that JUULing has stronger narcotic effects than smoking a cigarette due to JUUL’s concentrated nicotine formulation. At just 15-years-old, D.P. now suffers the adverse affects of a nicotine addiction due to the irresponsible behavior of JUUL.