Bankers Life Chargebacks – Quotes from Forums

The comments say it all. There are so many complaints about this company, and we need class members! Check out these posts documenting clear-cut scamming of Banker’s Life Agents and contact us if this has happened to you!

Banker’s Life Glassdoor Reviews: “Horrible god awful company!” Bankers Life & Casualty Lied to, ripped off and unhappy

Insurance-Forums.Net“I left Bankers at this begining of this year, and just today I get a letter saying that $680 of business chargedback and they want their money” After a typically dismal financial experience, they will send “hungry,” aka easily manipulated agents to the clients you “previously wrote” business with and rewrite those contracts to give the appearance of bettering the policy for the customer whereby they are then increasing your (now an ex agent) chargeback total.That is the amount they will try to recover from you through collections and threats.” “Do NOT work for this company!! “You will bust your butt to make sales, then wait forever to get paid, then once the corruptness is exposed and you quit, you will have to pay back money they say is theirs !!!! Its amazing to me that this scam of a company has not been shut down yet!!”

Pissed “Banker’s Life…A bad career move!“A scam Why are these crooks allowed to do business is beyond me”


If any of this sounds familiar, please contact us and become a class member as we take on Bankers Life.